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The phrase “web development” create by following two words:

Web:Websites, web pages, and other online resources are include

Development:The phrase alludes to creating the program from scratch.

Web development is the process of constructing, designing, and upkeep for websites. The discipline covers a wide range of activities, from coding to technical design to monitoring the functionality of an internet-based website or application.

Web design initially appeared as an easier and more straightforward method of information exchange. In comparison to the commercial motives, it was a better method of communication and had superior networking advantages.

The information space that was formerly for offering free interchange turned into a space for commercial transactions as the Web later developed into a means of making money.

The ability to freely distribute software and edit source codes was also required, according to programmers. Today’s web-based software creators, including PHP, Firefox, WordPress, and Linux, have a significant influence on the creation of contemporary websites.

As a result, open source has had a direct impact on how websites are make and how people browse the internet. It has contributed to flexibility and creative development efforts as well as network solutions.

Examples of Web App Development Freelancing:

.Google Docs: Google doc is a free online word processor, and it is a part of the Google Docs editor suite.

.Netflix: Netflix is one of the best subscription-based web applications which allows you to stream TV shows and movies on the web and mobile.






The evolution of “open source” is give very little attention, especially when it comes to formal concerns from its original founders. The Department of Defense (DOD), Research Agencies, and lab researchers such National Labs were among the first institutions to directly benefit from the open licencing schemes (Reece et al, 92). These businesses were the most successful users, producers, and gainers from the licence operation. 

Also, the companies gave rise to important innovations like firewalls and other network security solutions. In order to replace the initial Pentium-based systems, open licencing forced businesses to combine their ideas and integrate the development of operating systems and supporting software.

Despite the fact that the majority of the research into open source may have been produce or started by departments like the DOD or Space Agency, today’s benefactors also include commercial agencies. Commercial companies including Netscape, Red Hat, Cygnus, MacAfee, and Caldera were among the first to offer open source solutions after quickly seeing the opportunity presented by web-based approaches. 

Hardware manufacturers including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, and IBM (International Business Machines) were among the companies that later embraced open source. According to VanDyk, software engineers created the idea of open source, but today the entire movement is make up of people who are inspire by technology (9). Instead of emphasising economic advantages, they concentrate more on technological productivity. 


Types of Web development freelancing:

The entire functionality of a website is generally covered by web development, however the labour itself is frequently divided into three types:

  1. Front -end development;

 The user interface and other elements of a website that visitors can see and interact with are handle by front-end development (UI). Front-end engineers are proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They frequently collaborate closely with design and UX teams to capture the desired look and feel of the website while also delivering a positive user experience on a variety of devices.

The front end is the layer above the back end and it consists of all the hardware or software that makes up a user interface. Many elements of a program’s front end, such as user-entered data, buttons, programs, webpages, and other features, are directly interacted with by humans or digital users.

Languages use for front end web development:

  • Back-end development:

Every element of a website that visitors cannot view is handle by back-end development. Because back-end developers concentrate mostly on the internal logic, APIs, and database interactions that power the site, this is sometimes referred to as server-side development.

Languages use for back end web development:

  • Full-stack development:

Full-stack development is a more all-encompassing method in which the programmers in charge of the website or application take care of every stage of the development process, from the inner workings traditionally done on the back-end to the presentation layer often handled by front-end program.

Cultural Benefits:

Instead of participating in scientific equations, pragmatic thought encourages the exchange of ideas and beliefs. Hence, open source has indirectly been in constant demand to meet human requirements since its proponents hold up to rigorous application inspection. Scientists are free to use and analyse source code extensively, which frequently entails evaluating design, functionality, structure, and content. 

According to Allen et al., programming requires more than just artistic creation; its base is functional understanding (81). As a result of technology maturing, knowledge has been shared and procedures have been improve . Programmers are more than eager to let others to review, validate, and use their codes.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sun Microsystems, IBM, and other businesses that employ top source-code contributors also directly profit from their notoriety, recognition, and increased demand for their products and services. Their output is a perfect example of the collaborative spirit, personality, and skills of the company.

Ad hoc groups have aided in significant advancements; for example, the Apache Group was able to create the world’s most popular server, the “World Wide Web,” without ever meeting. Working partners with personnel who work from different locations and collaborate online include the Berkeley Software developers who are in charge of commercial firewalls. Hence, open licencing enables businesses to coordinate web-based projects and guarantee the survival of the finest goods without excluding any parties.

To produce the best and most advanced programs in comparison to potential rivals, programmers are growing smarter. Many beginning code developers, especially web designers, find the ease of acquiring the source code to be a tremendous inspiration and help. For a system to function well, it is essential for code authors to receive feedback from other users, such as ideas or criticisms.

Since such a measure is worldwide and permits full-time international connections, businesses like Microsoft can also locate the open-source teams and extend their capacities endlessly. According to Koch, a company may guarantee ongoing product use, maintenance, and improvement by utilizing open source software (5). To ensure competitive investment, they must be able to integrate change on upcoming innovations.


The necessity to acknowledge ownership of the original version of the code may be compromise by open source, despite the desire of code developers to uphold their reputation in the field. Many versions of a code are a result of user indifference and a lack of strict security measures to safeguard originality. Giving credit where credit is due is incredibly difficult when such a situation occurs. The intended beneficiaries of improved apps and associated financial gains are the users and initial developer, respectively.

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Importance of Web Development Freelancing:

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge are prerequisites for working as a web developer. Learning about CSS and CSS frameworks is also advised. Your ability to communicate with programming languages will be base on your ability to build these core web development skills.

Because it gives you a platform to interact with your clients, web design and development can help you create long-term customer relationships. You won’t be able to build the kind of long-lasting relationships with your clients you want without a solid website.

Because it enables kids to learn new languages and discover new, exciting things, web development is also crucial to the educational system. Web development makes computer programming simpler and boosts students’ confidence in the classroom.


Due to the simplicity of implementing elements that at first glance appeared to be at odds, such as dependability, innovation, and interoperability, software engineers frequently engage in and love the open source method of programming. The online community should value innovation and effectiveness, and make sure that successes are improve upon rather than repeated or reproduced.

Several widely-used data formats are incorporate into good open source software, and earlier instances of reuse and improvement have facilitated the creation of distinctive and high-quality software.

There are many discussions about open source, particularly ones that consider the potential of the field of sharing codes in the future. The current research papers on the subject only give a brief overview of the facts and don’t go into detail about potential pedagogical and technical modifications.

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