Common Operating Machine Used for Technological and Educational Research is what a computer stands for.

The word compute is where the word computer comes from. The invention of the computer is possibly the most significant in the previous 100 years

They are utilised everywhere, including in space satellites, self-driving automobiles, robots with artificial intelligence, drones, and online electricity bill payment. This technological advancement that rocked the world can be credited to this electronic instrument.

The meaning of computer

A computer is a machine that can quickly execute logical and mathematical operations. It processes input into output using hardware and software.

But since the introduction of the computer, it has advanced significantly, making this concept obsolete. In the section that follows, let’s examine how the system has changed. The computer’s processor’s CU (Control Unit) manages the data flow through the CPU. It also manages the timing of commands and actions. It gives instructions to the ALU after getting them from a programme.


The two primary elements of CU are:

Software counter: This loads programmes into memory and saves them there in a sequential fashion.
Message register: By doing so, the instructions are decoded and converted into CPU commands.
The classification of computers
Computers can be grouped into 3 broad categories based on their technology:

Electronic computer

You encounter computers like this on a daily basis. The first digital computers to be utilised were the IBM PC and Apple Macintosh. Depending on the given instructions, these systems can carry out a variety of computational tasks.

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